Pizza making equipment

Pizza Making Equipment

Pizza Making Kit Pro 7-Piece Set

only $217.00

Beginner's Pizza Making Kit

only $64.00

Pizza Grill & BBQ Kit - 5-Piece Outdoor Set

only $109.96

All the Tools to Make Great Pizza at Home

Bona Pizza is the best place to find all the tools, tips and recipes to make not just good pizza, but great pizza at home.

You can start with a few basic pieces of equipment and amaze your family right away.

The most important equipment you need is a pizza peel and a pizza stone.

We even offer some pizza making kits: we've put together to key tools to create your pizza in your kitchen oven or on your grill and offered them pre-selected for your convenience.

We'll also supply you with our winning pizza dough recipe that only takes water, flour, yeast and salt to throw together.  

Once you get started, you'll find your pizza making equipment pays for itself almost immediately.

Think about it:  What does one large pizza with 2 toppings cost at your local pizzeria?  You can buy a pizza peel for about that much.

What do 2 pizzas with beverages, tip, gas and parking cost you?  You could buy one of our kits and save that much in one or two homemade pizza dinners.

So please enjoy exloring our store.  We're absolutely positive you'll be surprised with how fast you'll be wowwing people with your pizza.

You may also want to visit our blog from time to time to catch up on our latest tips, recipes and pizza-making demonstrations.