Three Minute Pizza in the Kalamazoo Pizza Oven

The Artisan Fire Pizza Oven by Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet.

This is an outdoor countertop unit, easy to add to any outdoor living space. It is ready to cook within about 20 minutes of firing it up. It’s able to do that because we’ve got two burners, one is below the cooking deck and one is at the back the big open flame you see there. We also line the ceiling with stone to help radiate that heat down. We’re doing a quick little veggie pizza. It’s nothing but a raw sauce of san marzano tomatoes, some sliced zucchini and a little read onion, some scamorza cheese. Should be ready to pull out of the oven within about two minutes. You see the dough is already bubbling up around that back edge in the hotter zone of the oven. The nice thing about the two burners, besides being so quick to heat up to 800 degrees, is that you can balance the cooking temperatures for the style of pizza that you like to eat. We’ve got the back burner running on high right now, we have the bottom burner on low.

And that’s because we don’t want an overly crispy crust. It’s going to be nicely colored underneath. In fact, we’ll check on it right now. It’s going to be nice and colored underneath. But, we’re after a nice soft crust, more like a neapolitan style pizza. We’ll give this a quick spin. So we want some nice bubbles coming up on that crust, and then we want the thin area on top of the bubble to actually blacken.

It caramelizes the little bit of sugar that is in that dough, and it’s part of what tastes so great about neapolitan style pizza. The cheese is already melted through. We’re looking for just a little color around the edges on our vegetables. I also like to grill the vegetables before I put them in, but this is just a straight up raw approach right now. This is also a nice very healthy pizza for you. You don’t want to overload your toppings on your pizza, you want to let it cook through quickly. Unless you’re doing Chicago style deep dish or something like that, that’s a whole different matter and different cooking. You would lower the temperature and slow down the cooking for that style of pizza.

But we’re going for the quick two minute cook today. [pause] You can see we’ve got that color in the crust that we’re after. We’re going to have some great looking vegetables in a minute here. Everything is bubbling away. [pause] Alright, so now the dough is done. We want to roast those vegetables just a little bit more so we’re going to lift this pizza up to the roof where it is nice and hot. Brown them for just a couple seconds, and we’re ready to enjoy..

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