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I know, this is kind of ridiculous we’re doing a bacon crust pizza, looks pretty good, tasty even better and the reason why we did this, we were working with different low carb diets and sort of take weight some of the bread and we did a cauliflower pizza to that work really well, so this is just using actually as your base, it is actually one pack of regular old generic bacon, work perfectly, six strips across, six strips up and you put in woven pattern like this. So this is how you get started with a bacon crust pizza. Now, tricky one you want to start with things really cold and use parchment paper like this to just make things easier to handle, so it’s got to be cold, use the parchment paper and allow you to cut it in the right shape to save little bacon ends for additional toppings but then the parchment paper will really help you get it on the grill grade, so it’s a little bit delicate at this point if you’re the colder the better and just flip it on there and start fairly low temperatures, what you got to do indirect heat, over the open flame with bacon because its going to flare up.

Simple as that, get to go low and slow, give it some time and you’ll be in business. While it’s cooking you can take some of the toppings like the bacon that we chopped off, then chop up some of these green peppers and really what this is just make a regular pizza, so whatever you like to put on top of it it’s going to work, green pepper, red onions here and at the end there is a couple things I would do differently that I will show you in just a minute but just top it off. Other ingredients I use some crushed red pepper, some pizza sauce, tried to grab some fresh basil and some really good fresh mozzarella cheese. It’s like the ultimate meat lovers pizza hold, its coming up, standby, we can call it bacon porn in just a minute because it’s going to look amazing but the trick is just to really get the grease out of the bacon as much as you possibly can and allow it to get as crisp as it can.

OK. Speaking of bacon porn, ready to roll that beautiful bacon porn footage, here we go… Drain as much that bacon grease off as you can, get onions in there as well and then a really high quality mozzarella, it will really make things taste extra good. After about ten or fifteen minutes of cooking head back to the smoker and hopefully you’ve got about three hundred and fifty degrees, it’s tightened up that pizza crust or that bacon crust a little bit and you’re ready to do some of the toppings there. It’s still kind of soft so you want to be careful with it. Here we go, more sizzling bacon footage for you, and actually this is one thing I would do differently next time instead of putting the sauce on the bottom, I would add a layer of cheese first before event that sauce just to kind of help, act as a guard from liquid straining to it, still works out great thou.

Add the bacon and onion mixture, all your toppings and crushed tomatoes. One thing nice about working with a smoker is not only you work with lower temperatures, it’s a little more carefree to cook the bacon also, it adds the layer of smoke which is your secret ingredient. You got your mozzarella, like cutting the onions really thin so they cook really easily, same with the green peppers and any other topping you want to put on there, including the fresh basil. And fresh basil on here adds like a really great flavor and freshness. There is one more thing you have to do before you start cutting it up, or take a look at this first. Once you take it off of the heat of the smoker you really want to give it a little bit of a rest, maybe drain on a paper towel so the bottom crust of the bacon, it’s still pretty soft, you’re going to see it when we cut it here, so let it rest as much as you possibly can and that’s pretty much it, you’re smoking a pizza on a bacon crust, turned out great and it made in about four and these are heavy slices, so turned up pretty good, a little bit softer than I’d like but worked out just fine.

If you’d like all the details, all the ingredients listed out easily, easy to read it, head over to the website and check out, use the search term bacon crust or I’ll put a link to it here in the description section of the video below. Also, with the further recipes, I got a free e-book with sauces and sides pretty cool, just head on to the website and get signed up for it for free and you can also check out the directly link below. Bacon crust pizza. I appreciate you watching, if you like it at all make sure you subscribe, give a thumbs up like and see you next time around. For more tips, tricks and other fun stuff .

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