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Made in USA KettlePizza Deluxe USA Pizza Oven Kit for Kettle Grills - Includes Stone and Metal Peel, KPDU-22

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Manufacturer Description

The KettlePizza Deluxe USA is a pizza oven conversion set for 18.5 and 22.5 inch charcoal kettle grills. This product installs on top of your kettle grill changing it into a charcoal or wood burning pizza oven. Includes pizza stone and aluminum pizza peel.

KettlePizza Deluxe USA Pizza Oven Kit for
Made in U.S.A
18.5-Inch and 22.5-Inch Kettle Grills
KettlePizza - How it Works

Turn your charcoal grill into a pizza oven. View bigger< img src= ""width="200"height="115"alt

="KettlePizza-How it Works "/ > KettlePizza maintains consistent, high heat. View bigger< img src =""width= "200"height ="133 "alt ="KettlePizza"/ > Stainless steel sleeve fits 18.5" -22.5"charcoal grills. View bigger Turn your charcoal grill into a wood-fired pizza oven with a KettlePizza Pizza Oven Kit. KettlePizza deals with all kettle grills consisting of Weber and others. The basic KettlePizza set consists of a laser machined stainless-steel riser sleeve, a high-temp thermometer, wood manages with stainless hardware and a 14 inch professional pizza pan. Deluxe variations include a hand-made, USA-manufactured baking stone and your option of wood or aluminum pizza peel. Users can put together and set up the riser sleeve in minutes. The sleeve produces a cooking chamber that doesn't need to be opened to access the food. The temperature level remains consistent yielding superior pizza. You can utilize hardwood to accomplish a fantastic smokey flavor too.

There's no need

for a door; works similar to a pizza oven. View bigger Make scrumptious customized pizzas on your charcoal grill Some basic assembly is needed (no tools needed). The product is happily Made in USA and has patents pending. Keep in mind: buyers should first have a kettle grill such as a Weber One Touch 22.5 Inch Gold or Silver.

How KettlePizza Works

Everyone wishes to prepare pizza on their grill. Traditional grills, nevertheless, are not matched for cooking pizza. Pizza requires high heat and consistent temperature level to prepare appropriately. This is difficult to accomplish in a routine grill because the consistent opening/closing of the grill top leads to enormous variations in cooking temperature level. The common outcome is a well-done bottom and under-cooked toppings.

KettlePizza solved this problem by creating a stainless steel sleeve that fits between the kettle grill bottom and top creating a cooking chamber. There is an opening in the front that enables access to the chamber. The heat comes up from the back of the kettle, along the rear of the cooking chamber and over the top exiting the front opening. This produces a consistent heat loss that requires heat over the top of the pizza guaranteeing a properly prepared top. A door is not essential and the product can keep consistent temperature levels upwards of 750 degrees F with a base of charcoal and hard wood.

Attain Temperatures up to 900 Degress without any Door Needed

The KettlePizza, throughout screening, has attained temperature levels of up to 900 degrees utilizing a mix of charcoal and hardwood. These tests were done with thermocouples established inside the dome and at the opening of the pizza oven. Stone temperature levels above 650 degrees F. prevail also.

Wondering why there is no door? With KettlePizza, there is no factor for one-- after all, the majority of conventional pizza ovens do not have doors. The objective is for consistent heat loss that flows over the top of the pizza as it exits the opening. The outcome is a stable, high cooking temperature level that still offers you full access to exactly what's cooking.

Cook More Than Just Pizza

The KettlePizza is not simply for pizza. Using pizza pans and frying pans, nearly any food can be prepared. If you acquire an extra grill grate, they can be added to the top standoffs, creating a "double stack". This will double the cooking surface of your conventional kettle grill.

Select the KettlePizza Pizza Oven Kit that's Right for You
Fundamental Kit Deluxe Kit Deluxe USA Kit
Kettle Pizza Basic Kit Kettle Pizza Deluxe Kit Kettle Pizza Delux USA Kit
1x 304 Stainless steel pizza oven sleeve for 22.5
" kettles 2x Wood manages with stainless-steel standoffs 1x Hi-temp thermometer 1x 14"Aluminum pizza pan Stainless steel hardware 1x 304 Stainless steel pizza oven sleeve for 18.5 "and 22.5
"kettles 2x Wood manages
with stainless-steel standoffs 1x Hi-temp thermometer 1x 14" pizza pan Stainless steel hardware 1x 15"Hand crafted Cordeirite pizza stone 1x Wooden pizza peel 1x 304 Stainless steel pizza oven sleeve for 18.5" and 22.5"kettles 2x Wood manages with stainless-steel standoffs
1x Hi-temp thermometer
1x 14" pizza pan
Stainless steel hardware
1x 15" Hand crafted Cordeirite pizza stone
1x Aluminum pro pizza peel with hanging S clip

Grill not included

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Patents Pending

Product Features

Transforms 18.5" or 22.5" kettle grills into a pizza oven Heat remains stable because lid does not need to be removed to access food Made of 20 gauge, 304 grade stainless steel. Made in USA Kit includes stainless sleeve, handles, thermometer, aluminum pan, 15" cordierite stone and aluminum pizza peel Works with charcoal or hardwood

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